A capstone project helps one to cap their learner experiences. For instance, in the community project stated above, the students can draw on their learning in classrooms, clinical experiences, and studies and apply them properly to a context that is larger and can impact many people in the community. While working with communities, learners further develop their leadership and communication skills. The capstone project, therefore, enables them to develop a relationship with the community that is both sustainable and collaborative to address the health issues at hand.

A capstone project also helps the nursing students to identify community needs that need urgent attention. It gives them the opportunity to review the health trends of a given locality or among a specific age bracket and focus their efforts on possible solutions to save the generation. For instance, if in their studies, students find that the elderly are the most affected by a specific disease, they might launch a campaign that creates awareness of the disease among everyone.

When students write capstone projects that give them an opportunity to work directly with communities, they are able to develop strong partnerships not only between their institutions and the community but also between themselves and the communities. These relationships are always mutually beneficial. Furthermore, most of the nursing capstone projects will involve students working closely with hospitals and their staff and can find out some of the challenges that healthcare givers face. What this means is that with their capstone projects, the students will be able to offer solutions on what needs to be done to make the caregivers feel their services are appreciated.

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