How to write a Nursing Essay

A practical nursing school admission essay should convince a reader that you are the right candidate for its package. You share a personal story of an experience. An essay as part of your nursing program is to share your understanding of a certain aspect of nursing. When sharing your knowledge on the essay topic or question enables you to achieve these purposes.

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the subject to the reader
  • Increase your knowledge by researching the subject
  • Persuade a reader to agree with your point of view
  • Get a good grade in the nursing class



We ensure that your nursing essay has an appealing introduction that informs the reader about what the essay entails. It should also get the attention of the reader. The body should carry the evidence demonstrating your knowledge and your point of view. Include a summary that concludes your topic and leaves an impression in the reader’s mind. We always try to write on one main issue and explore it more deeply as an essay is a short paper.


Our target readers of a nursing essay are lecturers, instructors, and peers. These people already know the commonly used nursing terminologies hence you need not define every term you use. However, you should limit the use of jargon to make your essay more interesting to read. It is essential that you capture the audience’s attention by including new information they have not seen before, as it makes it easier for them to approve your view on the nursing aspect you address in the essay.


A nursing essay, like other forms of academic writing, should capture the reader to a certain view. When writing a nursing essay, you should adhere to these elements:

Ethos: The opinion of the audience on your credibility.

Pathos: This is where you appeal to the emotions of the audience.

Logos: Use logic to persuade your audience by making reasonable claims with supporting proof rather than appealing to their emotions.

The purpose of these appeals is to implant a sense of trust in your readers and build the overall credibility of your nursing essay. It is important to research broadly for significant information to support your hypothesis from credible sources.