NURS 4339 Capstone Course

Summer 2022

Course Description

This course will integrate principles of evidence-based practice, health promotion, population health, quality and safety, and leadership to develop a project to improve client outcomes.


NURS 4626; NURS 4628; NURS 4329. Corequisite: Successful completion of, or concurrent enrollment in NURS 4634.

Course Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course the student will:

  1. 1. Professionalism: Exemplify professionalism while identifying an area of interest on a clinical topic or healthcare organizational topic that builds on professional experience and ethical behavior in relation to patient care
  1. 2. Patient-Centered Care: Develop, design, and format recommendations for delivery of safe, competent, patient-centered, culturally sensitive, and developmentally appropriate holistic care.
  1. 3. Evidenced Based Practice (EBP): Design and review pertinent research literature regarding EBP and develop a Capstone project topic that has relevance to nursing practice and improvement of patient outcome
  1. 4. Informatics & Technology: Analyze and evaluate information technology and standards of practice to promote safe, optimum, and holistic care for the patients
  1. 5. Quality Improvement: Formulate findings from literature and EBP research to synthesize data in promoting quality care and improvement of outcomes.
  1. 6. Teamwork and Collaboration: Investigate interprofessional teamwork through collaboration with peers using discussions in preparation of the Capstone project with the presentation.
  1. 7. Wellness and Prevention: Develop, prepare, and present a project from a designated area of interest to disseminate knowledge to promote and maintain optimum health outcome
  1. 8. Leadership: Investigate and identify your own leadership style and how to incorporate and use it in professional practice.
  1. 9. Safety: Formulate and implement safe delivery to promote quality nursing care to improve patient outcome
  1. 10. Strengths: Evaluate how Strengths (signature talent themes) influence the role of the student nurse and clinical decision-making.

Grading Policy and Criteria

Specific guidelines and grading criteria for all assignments are in the Modules. Final grades for the course will be determined based on the following point assignments:

A – 90-100

B – 80-89

C – 75-79

D – 60-74

F – Below 60

Final course grades less than 75 are not rounded up.

Late policy: 5% will be deducted each day an assignment is past due unless prior arrangements have made with your course faculty. Extenuating circumstances may apply.

Criteria for Evaluation Percentage of Grade
ATI Capstone Course: 7 Modules and Practice & Proctored Assessments 25%
EBP Quizzes (1-3) 20%
ATI Pharmacology Practice A & B and Proctored Assessments 15%
ATI Comprehensive Practice A&B and Proctored Assessments 25%
NCLEX Test Prep Quizzes (Weeks 9-12) 15%

  NURS 4339 Capstone NURS 4339 Capstone
NURS 4339 Capstone